All in for Beloit NowAll in for Beloit Now

Beloiters have always been all in for students and alumni. Now it’s time for all of us to be all in for Beloit. Give now to honor a Beloiter who changed your life.

Here’s why your fellow Beloiters are all in, too.

  • Bengisu Erenli Abramsky'93

    Bengisu Erenli Abramsky’93

    Economics, Math & Computer Science

    Professor Jerry Gustafson’63 not only convinced me to leave Turkey to attend Beloit, he helped me gain early admission to the University of Chicago’s MBA program and connected me to a corporate job — all before I even graduated.

    Economics Professor Jerry Gustafson
  • Cameron Dieter'16

    Cameron Dieter’16

    History & Political Science

    A political theorist, Professor Jill Budny arranged to hold a small off-campus seminar with students, including a number of graduate students, from two other Midwest colleges to compare and contrast Shakespeare as a political strategist with Machiavelli and others. She invited me and a few other students along, and then quizzed us on the salient points of the discussion during the two-hour ride home.

    Professor Jill Budny
  • Mary Riley'90



    Admissions officer Frank Crivello was my first contact with Beloit College. If he happened to see me walk past Middle College to classes, he’d yell out of his window to flag me down. Then I’d walk over, and we’d chat a bit. That welcoming, supportive gesture was emblematic of my experience at Beloit.

    Admissions officer Frank Crivello
  • Audrey Grettie'99

    Audrey Grettie’99

    Anthropology/Art History

    Ian Nie, Tamara Hamlish, Nancy Krusko, Jo Ortel, and so many others made my Beloit experience special. I was a naive and sheltered suburban kid when I stepped onto Beloit’s campus in 1994. While I was there, I was introduced to ideas, art, cultures, and people from around the world. I was taught to think critically about world events, the human condition, and ethical issues. It has forever shaped how I move through my life.

    Nancy Krusko
  • Tori Key'03

    Tori Key’03

    Economics & Management

    As director of the McNair Scholars Program, Associate Dean DeVon Wilson’90 was a fierce advocate for first-generation minority students like me to work through our self-doubt and go on to graduate studies, many as Ph.Ds.

    Asst. Dean DeVon Wilson

A professor, a roommate, a mentor — who made your Beloit experience special? We’d love to hear about them.

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