All in for Beloit NowAll in for Beloit Now

Beloiters have always been all in for students and alumni. Now it’s time for all of us to be all in for Beloit. Give now to honor a Beloiter who changed your life.

Here’s why your fellow Beloiters are all in, too.

  • Jishnu Guha'13

    Jishnu Guha’13

    Media Studies

    Professor John Kaufmann’s infectious enthusiasm, passion, and commitment while directing me in several Beloit theater productions such asKid Simple: A Radio Play In The FleshandThe Lady From The Sea.这就是为什么我今天一个导演。

    Professor John Kaufmann
  • Jonathan Mason'80

    Jon Mason’80

    Economics & International Relations

    I hated studying German so much I was about to quit. Then Professor Bob Irrmann convinced me to tough it out so I could attend a seminar in Hamburg the next year. I did. And I not only became fluent in German, I stayed to work there, leading to a long career in international business.

    Bob Irrmann
  • Alfonso Colasuonno'06

    Alfonso Colasuonno’06

    Creative Writing

    DeVon Wilson’90, Lee Gray’98, Nick Ewoldt, and Phyllis Hill from Beloit’s TRIO and McNair programs inspired me to set my aspirations high in life. I could relate to them because they showed that a commitment to low-income, first-generation students like me wasn’t just “lip service,” but that they truly cared and wanted the best for me and everyone else. Throughout my entire time they set the bar high and inspired me to make my dreams a reality, while also making the most of my education and time at Beloit.

    DeVon Wilson
  • Charlie Baxter'14

    Charlie Baxter’14


    Professor Suzanne Cox had such faith in me as an individual: she wrote a strong recommendation that led to my Honors Term project even though my GPA was slightly under the 3.2 minimum required to apply. This act of grace allowed me to help establish a student leadership program at Beloit, and it launched my career in experiential learning.

    Professor Suzanne Cox
  • Cecily Majerus'80

    Cecily Majerus’80


    Professor Milt Feder’s free-wheeling classroom discussions made you realize that, in life as in international relations, things are not black and white. They’re complicated, and often there’s no right or wrong. Yet no matter how intense the debate, he sprinkled in humor and showed respect for everybody’s opinion, quite eye-opening for someone fresh out of high school like me.

    Professor Milt Feder

A professor, a roommate, a mentor — who made your Beloit experience special? We’d love to hear about them.

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