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Beloit’s a welcoming place

Beloit’s community is friendly, passionate, tight-knit, active, supportive, and inclusive. (And many more adjectives, too!)

Put simply, Beloit is where you find your people — and your thing (or, as the case may be, many things).

  • 10
    minutes to walk from campus to downtown
  • 18
    NCAA Division III varsity teams
  • 92%
    of first-year students live on campus
  • 50+
    Clubs and organizations


We are multi-hyphenates

Beloiters are artists and athletes, poets and pragmatists, dancers and data analysts, economists and environmentalists. And we suspect you are, too.

Get involved

Three students play drums, guitar, and piano in the Maple Tree Studio. With dozens ofclubs and organizationsto choose from — and the ability to create your own — Beloiters don’t stay still for long. They design sets forstudent-directed plays, toss discs with theBeloit Ultimate Frisbee Family, hosta WBCR radio showwith their friends, 3D print in theMaker Lab, and hostcharity bake salesfor their sorority. (All on top of being hardworking students, of course.)

Students have the agency to create their own events within their clubs and orgs, or as volunteer members of the student-runProgramming Boardor by working in theStudent Engagement and Leadership (SEAL)office. Every week, Beloiters scheduleMedieval sword fighting tournaments(seriously),scrapbooking sessions,game nights,salsa lessons,parties, and evenspecial tripsto an apple orchard or a nearby city during spring and fall break.

Show up

Beloiters care about each other. A lot. Beloiters show up for their friends and classmates who act in the annual shadow cast of theRocky Horror Picture Show,perform their own compositionsdeveloped in theirmusiccourse,perform standup comedy, orpresent a projectabout ecofeminism in Jurassic Park atSymposium Day.They stay connected with alumni they met in theirinternational politicsclass — and run into them downtown.

Beloiters also know what it’s like to be a team player, on the field and off. About a third of our students areBeloit Buccaneers, bonding with their teammates from all over the world. Their teams are their campus families, pushing one another to be the best version of themselves as both an athlete and a student. Fans attend sporting events to cheer their teams on. That’s just the Beloiter way.

Let loose

Students playing billiards at C-Haus. Beloiters love their special events, and we offer many:Folk ‘n’ Bluesis a music festival that’s been around since the ’70s. Classes are canceled onSpring Dayto celebrate the much-anticipated warmer April weather. During the fall’s贝洛伊特和超越and the spring’sStudent Symposium, students share their research, internship, andstudy abroadexperiences with the college community. All of these events break down the barriers of campus to bring students closer to each other and the greater community.

Other popular spaces are the gaming area and lounge inthe Powerhouse, our student union, and atC-Haus,campus performance space and bar. Our students lovemovie nights,pub trivia,academic lectures,open mics, andconcerts.At the Powerhouse, they canwork out,play pool,go for a swim, andgame with friends

Be well

Your wellness — in every sense of the word — is our top priority. Faculty and staff welcome and support each student both inside and outside the classroom. Access to quality healthcare (from illness to injury to sexual health), counseling, and other forms of support are an integral part of theHealth and Wellness Center.Campus is an open and welcoming environment for all genders, cultures, and identities.

Experience Beloit, the city

Lucy's No. 7 burger bar is a favorite among Beloit students. The Beloit community extends far beyond the edge of campus. Downtown Beloit is your playground, home to local businesses, restaurants, cafes, mom and pop grocery stores, beautiful parks, and the state’s second-largest farmer’s market. Walmart, Woodmans (a local grocer), big-box stores and chain restaurants are within a 10-minute drive. And the college offers frequent shuttles to Walmart throughout the school year to help students get the necessities.

ThroughImpact Beloit, students work, volunteer, and intern at countless community organizations: theBeloit Sky Carpminor league baseball team, theStateline Literacy Council,hospitals,League of Women Voters,Welty Environmental Center, and other nonprofits and local businesses. The city even features a well-known incubator calledIrontek

Beloit is also perfectly situated between a few other smaller and larger cities.Janesville, Wis., andRockford, Ill., are both less than a half-hour drive away, providing great restaurants, shops, parks, and things to do. Thanks to the convenient and affordable Van Galder bus you can catch pretty close to campus,Madison,密尔沃基, andChicagoare a quick ride away.

Feel at home

How students move throughhousing at Beloitis intentional. There’s something for everyone, and you get to experience as much of the diverse kind of housing here as you’d like.

Most first-year students and many sophomores have a roommate (or two!) in one of five halls:609 Emerson,Aldrich,Brannon,Chapin, orMaurer.每个人都有自己的味道,与设施include sinks, split double rooms, extra-fancy lounges, single-gender or mixed gender floors, and access to the dining hall via Aldrich and Brannon’s underground tunnel. (Trust me, it’s nice.)

From there, many Beloiters branch out, living and leading orgs in aspecial interest house, like Anthro House, Art and Dance House, or Spanish House. Others live in theirfraternity or sorority house, or one of our three on-campus公寓式buildings.A small number of seniors choose to rent off-campus. Kitchens are available in most buildings, allowing students to gather together when they aren’t grabbing a bite (and an hour or two of conversation with friends) in Commons or Hamiltons in the Powerhouse.

Your growth doesn’t just happen in the classroom. In every nook and cranny of student life, you’ll meet a diverse student body from all over the country and the world who will challenge you, support you, collaborate with you, and become your friends for life.

The view out of a student's dorm room window, looking at a sign reading, have a great day.

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