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Practical experience is baked in to a Beloit education.

Beloit students explore their own entrepreneurial skills in the Makers Lab at the Center for Entreprene...Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education (CELEB) in downtown Beloit." src="//,320,3046,1960/479_Beloit_9-13-18_0906.rev.1560549788.jpg" title="Purposeful practice 026" srcset="/live/image/scale/2x/gid/12/width/803/height/528/crop/1/src_region/550,320,3046,1960/479_Beloit_9-13-18_0906.rev.1560549788.jpg 2x, /live/image/scale/3x/gid/12/width/803/height/528/crop/1/src_region/550,320,3046,1960/479_Beloit_9-13-18_0906.rev.1560549788.jpg 3x" loading="lazy" data-max-w="2496" data-max-h="1640"> Beloit students explore their own entrepreneurial skills in the Makers Lab at theCenter for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education (CELEB)in downtown Beloit.

Think on your feet

It’s normal for Beloit students to launch their own start-up businesses, have multiple summer internships, write grants to do research overseas, and work with local nonprofits —all as part of their studies.Here’s a sampling of our programs on campus and in the community. Ourcareer centercan help you find many more.

Opportunities abound

Beloit offers dozens of ways for you toturn academic theories into working ideas, practice what you learn in professional settings, and bring it all together in class.

  • Student Symposium: For nearly 40 years, we’ve canceled classes for one day each spring to allow students to present their original research to the Beloit community.
  • Duffy Community Partnerships: Students work with local businesses and nonprofits for up to 10 hours a week, discuss their experiences in a weekly seminar, and conduct research about the partner organization.
  • Econ Day:这个年度活动允许经济学专业联系了with alumni in the field to explore their professional options after Beloit.
  • McNair Scholars Summer Research Institute: Underrepresented students intending to pursue a Ph.D. after graduation spend six weeks on an intensive research project with guidance from a faculty mentor.
  • Beloit Fiction Journal: Students serve on the editorial board of this national fiction magazine.
  • Belmark Associates: This student-led market-research organization is supported by the economics department.
  • Center for Language Studies: CLS’s immersion program offers intensive summer courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Students master a year’s worth of language study in seven weeks.
  • Beloit & Beyond Conference: A yearly showcase where students share what they learned through off-campus study, internships, community engagement, and other experiential learning opportunities at Beloit.

Beloit College students spend a day in Chicago at the annual Econ Day learning and networking wit... Beloit College students spend a day in Chicago at the annual Econ Day learning and networking with alumni about business opportunities.

Learn alongside experts

Ourendowed residenciesbring Nobel Prize winners, human rights leaders, and national poet laureates to campus — not for a day, but for weeks at a time to teach classes, collaborate on projects, and inspire students.

  • FerrallandGinsberg Artists-in-ResidencePrograms: Distinguished visual or performing artists come to campus to teach and perform or exhibit their work.
  • Mackey Chair in Creative Writing:麦基学者是当代作家茶ch an advanced creative writing class and give public readings of their work.
  • Crom Visiting Philosophers: This series brings distinguished and influential philosophers to campus for two days of talks, classroom visits, and lectures.
  • Miller Upton Forum: This four-day event is led by renowned visiting economists and scholars who invite Beloiters to examine the politics of wealth and well-being. A student-led speaker series and research colloquium complements the annual forum.
  • Weissberg Program in Human Rights: The Weissberg program fosters awareness of human rights by bringing a leading international human rights scholar to campus; offering student grants and scholarships for practical experiences related to social justice; connecting students with alumni in the field; and supporting faculty teaching and research about human rights, including theOusley Scholar-in-Residence.

Professor Rachel Ellett with Weissberg Chair Joel Simon in class, during the week long Weissberg ... Professor Rachel Ellett with Weissberg Chair Joel Simon in class, during the week long Weissberg program in Human Rights and Social Justice.

Centers of innovation

  • Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB): A resource for students (of all skill levels and majors) who want to turn an idea into a business, CELEB includes a start-up incubator, student-run art gallery, Beloit’s film and media production lab, student-led foundation, music recording studio, and a maker lab for hands-on creativity and collaboration.
  • Two teaching museums and college archives: TheWright Art MuseumandLogan Museum of Anthropologyand the collegeArchivesopen their collections to students for research, inspiration, and a hands-on minor in museum studies.
  • Hendricks Center for the Arts: The college’s premier arts-education space includes rehearsal rooms, studios, and performance halls forBeloit’s musiciansanddancers. Hendricks also houses a film screening room and a lighting-design lab.
Who says you have to choose?
Forging your own path

Who says you have to choose?

Broakeen Sheffield’19 has a lot going on all at once, and why not? The future pharmacist is making the most of his time at Beloit, playingfootball and track and field, performing, majoring inbiochemistry, and writing songs (one even by request for hisenvironmental politicsclass).

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